What is a Voluntary Service in Germany?

Young people from all over the world can be engaged in a voluntary service in the social sector in Germany, with funding from German ministries or the European commission. The volunteers live in Germany for one year. They support various welfare institutions in their daily work, i.e. they attend persons with disbilities, elder persons, kids or youth or help in a clinic. Usually they have accomodation and boarding in these organizations. The volunteers do not substitute regular jobs, and they do not receive a salary but a pocketmoney. This service is called "Incoming"

Who is VIA e.V. ?

We build bridges

With VIA e. V. young people can engage in voluntary services worldwide.

Intercultural exchange means sharing experiences, it promotes tolerance and intensifies solidarity in a globalised world.

VIA e.V. was founded in 1992. We are a non profit association without attachment to a political party or religious denomination.

Das Incoming-Team von VIA

Mirka Schulz
Astrid Paesler
Jan Linke
Sandy Decke
Anne Lohmann (in Elternzeit)

Kontakt: incoming@via-ev.org